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Best-selling author Oswald Black uses dark humor, gumption, suspense, and contemporary politics to create works of male-perspective fiction as a competitive alternative to today’s mainstream publishing market. His barreling plot lines, unexpected twists, and mind-melting conclusions aim to leave his readers high, but most definitely not dry. His debut novel ‘Wedding Bandits’ is now available for purchase. Here's what some people had to say...

"This isn’t your usual murder mystery or heist crime fiction tale, but that’s part of the appeal, and there is plenty of action." - crimefictioncritic.com

"When the murderous father and son team… head out on a bloody trail of investigative mayhem… in trying to track down the scumbags that ripped their family off... the action really kicks into high gear… and first-time author Oswald Black’s writing style and passion scales up right along with it." - Rick Goldstein, Goodreads.

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Author Interview with Readingnook84

Get to know the author with this Q & A to promote the release of Wedding Bandits.

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